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Tuffy Pad is a protective padding manufacturing company that specializes in sporting goods, martial arts and law enforcement equipment.

When the company started over 45 years ago, football items such as sled pads, blocking shields and dummies were all that were offered. More football items were added over the years along with items being used in a variety of sports.

The company now offers gymnasium padding, wall mats, landing mats, volleyball protective padding, equipment bags and more in a wide array of sports.

Tuffy Pad Company does custom work that involves protective padding such as dog hurdles, police car canine padding, jail elevators and jail cells, rock climbing walls, time out rooms, indoor batting facilities, basements, autistic children's rooms, bleacher pads, hollywood stunt mats, outfield fence padding, race track recovery room pads, roller blade border pads and so much more.

For custom jobs done right call us at Tuffy Pad Company!

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