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When Patients Fall out of Bed...
Bedside Safety Mats Cushion the Fall.

Bedside Safety Mats can prevent unnecessary injuries from the patient falls without rail restraints in a variety of eldercare settings.

Bedside Safety Mats were created at the request of nursing home professionals who wanted to spare their patients from serious injuries without rail restraints. mats are produced by Tuffy Pad Company, a leader in sporting goods protective pads for more than 45 years. Protect your patients while making your employees' jobs easier with Bedside Safety Mats - the perfect addition to any nursing home room where patient falls are a concern.

Lightweight yet sturdy

  • Under 10 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4' long x 3' wide
  • Covered in tough, 18 oz. vinyl over nylon fabric
  • Filled with 2" thick polyfoam
  • Double-stitched for durability

Designed for easy handling, cleaning and storage

  • Strong reinforced polypropylene web handle
  • Easy-to-clean exterior surfaces
  • Fits between wheels of hospital bed
  • Slides easily under bed for storage

Colors to match every decor

  • Available in 13 popular colors:Red, green, blue, gray, yellow, orange, black, white, navy, maroon, brown, purple and forest green
  • Compliments virtually all nursing home interiors


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